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Malaysian Teenager Commits Suicide After An Instagram Poll
By Chioma Okwu

Suicide it's rather becoming more of a trend than a psychological illness. This social trend is fast becoming a social norm amongst youths in Nigeria and the world at large.

In this week, at least 5 announced Nigerian youths have taken their lives with causes to the recent development attributed to depression.

According to Wikipedia, 

About one person in 5,000–15,000 dies by suicide every year (1.4% of all deaths), with a reported global rate of 10.7 per 100,000 population in 2015 (was 11.6 in 2008). In Western countries, male and female rates of suicidal behaviors differ at a greater degree compared to those in the rest of the world.

Depression has been described as a psychiatric disorder showing symptoms such as persistent feelings of hopelessness, dejection, poor concentration, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and, sometimes, suicidal tendencies.

According to gathered reports, a Malaysian teenager has committed suicide in regards to results she got off her Instagram poll. The teenager had made a poll asking if she should live or die and had gotten a resounding YES from her respondents. This, however, sparks calls for an investigation. Her respondents may not have known what she may have been going through or the seriousness of her question while they voted yes to suicide.

The unidentified 16-year-old from Kuching in Sarawak was found dead right after posting the poll Monday.

Sixty-nine percent of votes cast were in favor of her ending her life, with just 31 percent against, local media quoted police as saying.

As sad and unfortunate this sounds, suicide is definitely not an answer to whatever issue you may be facing.

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