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Nigerians React To The New Information From The Nigeria Police Force, Stating That Nigerians Have The Right To Demand An Arrest Warrant
By Chioma Okwu

Nigerians aren't about to fall for what the police force is giving them right to do.

This is what we've always demanded right? it's suddenly served us in a platter of very hot coal coated in fine gold and we are screaming it's a TRAP!

It's quite impossible to not scream it's a trap considering what we've gone through in the hands of the Nigeria police force but what if this is it? What if this is what we've always wanted?

Let me backtrack a little; the Nigeria Police Force has said that Nigerians have the absolute right to politely request to search policemen in select circumstances.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this in a statement on Monday titled, ‘(Part 2) Tips For Safe And Cordial Conduct During An Arrest.’

The statement reads that if an officer is about to search a citizen or his property, it becomes the absolute right of the citizen to first demand to search the policeman in order to ensure that no evidence is planted to incriminate him(the citizen).

According to the NPF, Nigerians also have the right to demand to know the reason for their arrest whenever an arrest is about to be made.

The Force spokesman further stated that in some instances, Nigerians have the right to demand that an arrest warrant is presented before allowing themselves to be apprehended. 

The statement reads in part,

“You may politely request that the officer be searched before searching you. Often times, this helps to allay fears that someone may be trying to plant incriminating items on you or implicate you in any other way.

“Demand to see the warrant of arrest where necessary (note, however, that not all invitation/arrest requires a warrant). As a matter of fact, under our laws, the Police have wide powers to arrest without warrant in many circumstances.

“Politely request that the officers allow you inform a trusted friend or a family member or a lawyer soon after your arrest in order to avoid unnecessary apprehension as to your whereabouts or safety.

“If the arrest requires the officer to conduct a search on you, demand to see the Search Warrant and comply with all legitimate instruction during the search (note that there are a lot of instances where a policeman can search you with or without a warrant).”

The Force called on Nigerians never to resist arrest, even if it seems unjustified. 

So this is rather contradicting as The Police had already stated that we should demand an arrest warrant before allowing ourselves to be apprehended. How can they still say we should not resist arrest even if it feels unjustified? 


The force further counseled Nigerians to never interfere in the arrest of a third party.

According to the statement, the Police may ask one to perform some tests such as walking in a straight line if a person is pulled over on suspicion of being drunk or high on drugs.

A Nigerian also has the right to decline writing a statement upon arrest.

What do you think though? Will this actually work?

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