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Robert Pattinson Lined Up To Star In Matt Reeves 'BATMAN', Fans React
By Chioma Okwu

According to reports from Variety, Robert Pattinson is the frontrunner for the role of the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ forthcoming superhero film, The Batman, which hits theaters June 25, 2021.

While sources say it’s not yet a done deal, Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to close shortly. Warner Bros. had no comment on the information.

Pre-production on the Warner Bros.-DC Comics pic is expected to start this summer.

Reeves, the filmmaker behind the last two “Planet of the Apes” sequels, assumed “Batman” directing duties from Ben Affleck in January 2017 and has been developing the elusive project ever since. Affleck and Warner Bros. began discussing the actor-director leaving the Caped Crusader behind following “Justice League,” allowing Reeves to pick his own Bruce Wayne.

Reeves will produce “The Batman” with his “Planet of the Apes” collaborator Dylan Clark.

Though grumble from fans over reports that Robert Pattinson has been cast as the new Batman is inevitable, we have no doubt that 'The Twilight' star will most likely prove them wrong. 

Letters were written to the Los Angeles Times when Michael Keaton was announced as Tim Burton’s Batman, insisting the man behind Beetlejuice could never bring the required gravitas. They had the same complaints about Heath Ledger when Christopher Nolan picked him to be The Dark Knight’s Joker. 7,000 fans signed a petition asking Warner Bros to reverse their decision to cast Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader back in 2013, when he was announced as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU)’s version of the character, fronting the series of interconnected films that followed 2013’s Man of Steel. All three of those actors went on to prove their critics wrong. Pattinson will undoubtedly do the same.

Pattinson, however, will play Batman in a solo film that’s entirely unconnected to the existing DCEU. Much like the forthcoming Joker, which sees Joaquin Phoenix star in a King of Comedy-esque, stylized take on the villain’s backstory, The Batman is intended as a standalone project that will offer its own spin on the character. Its director, Matt Reeves, has described the film as a “point of view-driven, noir Batman tale” that will focus on the character’s history in the comics as “the world’s greatest detective”. The unconvinced need only to watch Pattinson’s latest film, Denis’s High Life, to see him play introspective and taciturn. Plus, there’s no doubting that he has the chin for the job.

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