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Forgive Me For Confusing You From The Beginning, But Now I Choose To Be Called The First Lady- Aisha Buhari
By Chioma Okwu

'Wife of the president' has officially been deleted from the title of Mrs. Aisha Buhari as she announced on Thursday, her decision to be addressed as the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is coming five years after then-candidate Muhammadu Buhari said there would be no office of the first lady for his wife, Aisha.

Since Mr. Buhari’s first term inauguration as president, the presidency has referred to Mrs. Buhari’s office has ‘office of the wife of the president.’

The previous title obviously didn't appeal to her plus she felt it was a confusing title when referring to the title of wives of governors.

Mrs. Buhari further said that her new title would take effect immediately. She hoped that the action would also resolve the issue of the title of wives of governors.

Mrs. Buhari disclosed her new official title at the presentation of awards to the former and current wives of governors of the 36 states. The event was held at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“When my husband was elected newly I personally chose to be called the wife of the President.

“But, I realized that it causes confusion from the state as to whether the wives of state governors are to be addressed as the first ladies or wives of the governors.

“So, forgive me for confusing you from the beginning, but now I chose to be called the first lady,” she said.

Buhari’s Pledge

Mrs. Buhari’s announcement could be a departure from her husband’s promise while contesting in 2014 that he would not have an office of the first lady.

Mr. Buhari said so in an interview with Weekly Trust in December 2014. Then-candidate Buhari said such office is not provided for in the constitution and the Ministry for Women Affairs should be allowed to play its role unhindered.

Aisha Buhari then also pledged to be addressed as the wife of the president.

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