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Yes I Want You To Be My Husband
By Chioma Okwu

An Atlanta based young man stirs a rather homophobic scene on Twitter after he shared an engagement picture of himself and fiance.

While some Twitter users are happy with the announcement and boldness in coming out with the engagement news, some others feel it's disgusting and wrong for two grown men to commit to such.

Personally, I am happy about their union. I am proud of their boldness and I don't understand why anyone would take the role of being a judge over someone else's life. 

Some people say it's a sin but I think at this point we all know that no sin is greater sin and every sinner ends up in one very hot hole.

The Twitter user, @sexyskinnysweet went ahead to share a happy picture with his husband-to-be notwithstanding the venomous lash out on Twitter.

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