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Arosa Cocoyam Thickener: 100% Natural Cocoyam
By Chioma Okwu

A lot of people have had their doubts as to whether AROSA Cocoyam Thickener is at all a healthy thickening agent or if it alters the original taste of the dish. You should know that the AROSA thickener is 100% cocoyam and therefore packed with all natural nutrients of cocoyam. It definitely gives the original taste of your dish, too. These all make it a perfect substitute for pounding cocoyam and straining muscles.


Nutritional value of cocoyam

Cocoyam or Taro (Colocasiaesculenta) is a starchy edible tuber that bears broad greenish leaves. It is grown in several places around the world. We usually consume the root tubers or its leaves. Both the roots and leaves have many health benefits for the body because they are rich in nutrients.


Cocoyam possesses high nutritional value when compared with other crops like cassava and yam, with substantial vitamins, minerals and proteins.


As a relatively known staple crop in the underdeveloped and developing countries, it can serve as a weaning food, and its leaves are used for both medicines and as a vegetable for cooking.


Cocoyam has more calories than potatoes. 100 g provides 112 calories. Its calories mainly come from complex carbohydrates known as amylose and amylopectin. However, the roots are much lower in fats and protein than in cereals and pulses. Its protein levels can be comparable to that of other tropical food sources like yam, cassava, potato, banana, etc.


Cocoyam, however, is free from gluten. It features high-quality phyto-nutrition profile comprising dietary fiber and antioxidants in addition to moderate proportions of minerals and vitamins.


It is one of the finest sources of dietary fiber: 100 g provides 4.1 g or 11% of the daily requirement of dietary fiber. Together with slow digesting complex carbohydrates, moderate amounts of fiber in the food help a gradual rise in blood sugar levels.


Health benefits of cocoyam


1.     Prevents cancer

2.    Reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

3.    Consuming high potassium foods is directly related to decreased muscle cramping and improved muscle strength.  Cocoyam consists of considerable amounts of potassium - 615 mg - which is 13.09% of the daily recommended value. 

4.    Cocoyam consists of considerable amounts of potassium which is considered essential to remain healthy and efficient. Potassium not only enables healthy fluid transfers between membranes and tissues throughout the body but also helps to relieve stress and pressure on blood vessels and arteries. 

Cook With Arosa, Cook Wisely!

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