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Chris Brown ft Davido- Blow My Mind Is Just An Okay Song
By Chioma Okwu

"With great hype comes great expectations"- Britney.

- The feature song, Blow My Mind, we've all been waiting for is finally out and its gotten a lot of feedback already.

- The hype online surrounding the song featuring Davido and Chris Brown has to be worth the wait, a lot of people have said.

The moment the duo announced the song on social media, the hype and juice surrounding the song took a thousand leaps and multiple backflips with little help from the owners of the music.

The reason behind the hype bounced between Chris being a better singer and would definitely deliver the song well and David being the real MVP. 

Honestly, the song is simply okay and that's it. A friend said that listening to Davido's songs over time will make you like it or at least get acquainted with the lyrics. I fail to understand if that's supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.

Look at it this way, why not make a hit song that listeners will fall in love with instantly than make a hit song that listeners will be compelled to like when they listen to it twice or thrice.

On Chris Brown's Youtube channel, the song has hit over 14k viewers with 1.5k hitting the like button.

Anyway, check out the feedbacks below:

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