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Fuel Scarcity Resurfaces In Enugu Metropolis
By Chioma Okwu

Fuel scarcity resurfaced in Enugu metropolis on Wednesday as petroleum marketers closed down their filling stations.

A BPA correspondent who monitored the situation in the state capital said virtually all the major and independent marketers have closed their stations.

On a Wednesday in January 2016, Enugu experienced the same fuel scarcity. According to the report from that moment, only the NNPC Mega Station on Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway was dispensing products.

In this years event of fuel scarcity, what we would normally expect has already resurfaced. Commuters are getting stranded due to paucity of commercial vehicles just as the roads were free of the usual traffic.

Meanwhile, transport fares have naturally increased as commercial buses charge between N80 and N100 as against N50 per drop.

We don't yet have the complete information behind the sudden shortage of fuel.

More to come...

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