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Mr. Raw is a Legend ! - Ransome
By Nuel Okoro

#LocalBoyGoneInternational as he is popularly called; the southeastern incredible singer and songwriter - Ransome (@Ransomemay5) in his ‘1on1’ session with  BlueprintafricTV, commended the Igbo-Rap godfather – Mr. Raw for all his selfless support for upcoming music artists.

In his response to “Southeast Artists and mutual supports”, he said:

Mr. Raw is a Legend! …as at the time he featured me in one of his songs –TURU UGO, I was just an ordinary campus Artist. But I’m still riding on that exposure till today”

“If Mr. Raw didn’t feature me in that song, MAYBE, I may not be in music by now”.

“…the other day I was watching a collection of Mr. Raw’s videos, and I saw myself, I saw T.J, Slow Dog, Flavour, Phyno and many others doing music with him”…I think that’s one of the best things a made artist can do for the people coming up!”

Handsome-Ransome is known for his 'Local Boy' collaboration with Phyno; 'Okpogho Ole' ft. Reminisce and other amazing jams like  'Afia' ft. Zoro  and his newest single - 'Beautiful You'.

He further advised younger artists in the industry on the reputations of humility.

“The bigger artists need to do more! …and the up comers that need the help need to do more too”.

“No one owes you any favor, whatever it is you’re seeing today, someone else saw it yesterday”.

“If they made it, you too can make it. Just be humble”.


Watch Ransome’s ‘1on1’ interview to know more about his personal life and music career !

Click on this link >>> 

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