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By Lamido Yusuf

Our woman crush for today is Mercy Johnson Okojie. The veteran Nollywood actress was born on august 28, 1984. Mercy Johnson Okojie has remained an industrious woman whom many people look up to.

In her career (acting), she has bagged the best female actress in Nollywood for more than 3 years thus; the movie “live to remember” (2009), “weeping soul” (2012), and she also got city people movie award for the face of Nollywood in 2014.

The most recent of them is her award for popular online choice (female). Recently she acted crazy housewife (2019) and humble wife (2019). The roles given to her were amazing and it brought out her acting skills, she made the movie's fun to watch especially for her fans. One of the reasons why her fans love her is because she is simply exceptional in acting. 

  Regardless of all these awards, Mercy has remained humble in the industry. To crown it all, she has a family of her own and is happily married with 2 beautiful girls and a handsome boy.

Mercy Johnson Okojie remains our woman crush Wednesday.

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