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Click this if your favorite colors are black, dark black, gray-black, love black, and true black.

While everyone else is transitioning to  pastels and florals for summertime, you'll continue rocking your all-black wardrobe with pride – no matter how much your mom or your elder sister or your clergyman hates it. 

Here are some of the cutest outfits any girl or guy who's allergic to color NEEDS in her closet.

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Do you love to wear leggings and don't know how to wear them?

Do you feel insecure about the whole leggings idea?

Do you often wonder what you could possibly accessorize with your leggings? 

Do you often wonder if it'd be much better and comfortable to wear a legging instead of a trouser?

Do you bother yourself or google with whether or not you could wear pumps and a tank along with leggings?

Leggings have become the most prominent trends in the past few years and every fashion woman should own a couple. They are a great choice to flatter the body curves. 

Wearing the right kind of leggings with a correct combination of top and shoes could make you look taller and enhance your personality. Are you guilty of being clueless as to how to pair leggings with the rest of your outfit to create a sleek and stylish look?

Leggings are a flexible piece of attire in a woman’s wardrobe and you can equally look stylish and casual with them if you know how to wear leggings right. Normally leggings are treated as part of layered clothing and worn like a pair of tights under other outfits. With proper tricks, you can wear them as a pair of pants. Look for cute outfits to wear with leggings. 

Here are some tips to guide you to wear your leggings stylishly and comfortably.

How to Wear Leggings

1. Leggings in proper size

It is important that you wear leggings with the proper size. They should not be too tight or too loose. In that way, they can cover your legs perfectly. The correct fitted leggings will give you the most comfortable feeling to boost your confidence. For somebody types, leggings are not an option as will be unflattering for them.

Avoid wearing leggings if you have extra cellulite.

Tip: Fitting is important

2. Leggings are not pants; wear leggings as pants

Functionally, leggings can be considered as one of the various types of pants. If you can confidently step out of your home wearing pants, you can do the same wearing leggings also if is comfortable for you. If you are not revealing much by wearing leggings, it is fine to wear them. When you wear leggings as pants, pair with them with a longer jacket or top. Leggings and tunics are a good match. You can wear leggings with a skirt, dress or even with shorts.

Tip: When wearing as pants, pair with long tops or tunics

3. Shoes to wear with leggings

Never wear the leggings with a wrong pair of shoes. They look brilliant with sandals, flip-flops, knee-high boots and even with low-cut boots. Black shoes with black leggings will give you a tall look. When you wear leggings with pumps or heels, wear them in a matching color of your shirt to avoid a too trashy look. In matching colors, leggings can look good with moccasins and ballet flats also.

Tip: Pair them with the right shoes

4. Leggings length

Your favorite black leggings might have helped you look good in many occasions but the many times washing make them rise a few inches above the ankles or they have gone slack at the knee. If you notice it, then I'm sorry but it's time for saving them to wear at home and buy another pair with proper length to replace its place as your comfy legging pants.

Tip: Leggings should be long enough

5. Leggings are not jeggings

Don’t confuse jeggings with your leggings. Jean leggings are known as jeggings. They are a cross-over between jeans and other leggings and pants. A pair of tight and sleek looking jeggings cane spice up an ordinary dress, and you can replace them for pants. Jeggings in denim blue paired with a cream sweater and loafers can give you a classic look. A short top is not a match for leggings but they are welcome with jeggings. Before you go for jeggings ensure that your body shape is suitable to make you rock in them and beware that jeggings are not for all as they are really tight.

Tip: Jeggings are cross-over between jeans and leggings

6. Cute outfits with leggings

Tunics and short dresses work as trendy outfits with leggings. If you are looking for a holistic list of tops to wear with leggings, here is a couple you could try:

Knit dresses – brighter the better


Asymmetric tops and tunics

Short dresses

Knitted sweaters – preferably long

Long cardigans

Sweater dresses

Tip: Mix-match leggings with a variety of tops and make unique leggings outfits.

7. Leggings at workplace

Before you wear leggings to work, ensure that they are allowed in your workplace dress code. Leggings can be looked as casual and playful nonetheless how nice looking they are and some offices are not in favor of them. So before you wear them to work, know if your office dress code allows it. Check out your colleagues wearing them as pants rather than pairing them up with skirts.

Tip: Wear leggings to work if that meets your office dress code

8. Leggings with tops

If you are wearing leggings to work, wear the ones which are made up of some fancy material. With cotton leggings, you may look casual. With fancy material leggings like leather leggings, suede leggings or dark denim leggings, you will obtain the dress up look. Always be careful to pair your leather leggings with a proper top and jacket along with a pair of matching shoes. Avoid patterned leggings to work. Solid colored leggings are good for work as they won’t look playful as patterned ones. Always pair your leggings with nice tops when you wear them to work. A tailored jacket over a simple shift dress will suit for cotton leggings. A loose top and a solid-color skirt can pair with your leggings, albeit the skirt is not too short. Pairing the leggings with a long sweater and belt around the sweater with high boots will look really nice. A pair of denim leggings with a tunic top and ballet flats is fitting apparel for casual Fridays. A scarf or a long chain necklace can add the charm.

Tip: Leggings come in a variety of styles, patterns & material. Research when wearing for work.

PS- For teens, a long top with leggings, a cute scarf and neutral colored shoes make a laid back attire for school. Make sure that your shirts cover your butt when you wear them for school. Bright colored underwears are not good with leggings, especially for cotton leggings. Find the right combination, you can rock with your leggings. Explore and mix-match with accessories to find unending unique combinations. Now that you know how to wear leggings, go on and show your style quotient.

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Do you want to add new pieces to your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons? Or do you simply love the sight of beautiful outfits? Do you want to know what you could wear to that conference, party, meeting, concert, or wedding? Or do you just want to discover more about the latest fashion trends that are presented to women for the year? Here you can find out who and what to wear.

#1 outfit of the day

You can check out and purchase this outfit and more on CiChic

Pink Plain Draped High Waisted Pleated Retro Flared Full A Line Party Midi Skirt

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This excites me more than it'd possibly excite you. Seeing this made me really happy and I said to myself; "At least Nigeria has hope in the fashion industry". This is actually very satisfying, she is absolutely stunning!

MBGN Universe 2018 Aramide Lopez is currently in Bangkok, Thailand ahead of the 2018 Miss Universe beauty pageant which will take place on the 16th of December.

As one of the many pre-events happening before the Grand Finale, Aramide walked the stage for the Thai Fashion Show event at the Dusit Thani Bangkok.

See photos: