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Nelly Hagan-Aboagye, the designer behind Duaba Serwa
By christian okoli
Nelly Hagan-Aboagye, the designer behind Duaba Serwa was a qualified nurse when she decided to follow her creative calling and join the world of fashion.

Since then her label, Duaba Serwa, has developed into a well -known Ghanaian brand that incorporates a mixture of innovative intricate details, textures, structure and new types of volumes. The label's story is about bold effortless beauty and it prides itself in the construction of luxurious style lines that cater to the woman who prefers understatements to flamboyant extravagance.

Duaba Serwa's designs have been showcased annually since 2011 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa and the label was awarded both the Glitz Africa Fashion Award for Couture Designer of the Year and the GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievements) African Fusion Designer of the Year Award during 2013.

Collection Description

Duaba Serwa's ready to wear collections are solidly contemporary with a strong African colour and design scheme. Their garments are made for comfort and simplicity, with harmonious lines by a bold palette of colours, dazzling fabrics with sequins, smocked spandex, batik and leather details and fine materials such as glass beads that are woven intricately in different pattern and sizes.
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